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Welcome to reading these instructions and participation in the initiative!

For the platform to be successful we want the users to find or get notified about the relevant Bilds (ideas, projects) and that they can access them easily. For this, we need an effective classification, which is described here.

Also, the publishing is made to be easy, just try to follow the guidelines below, the outline of this page’s content is on the right.

  1. About the Content
    1. Main content
    2. Bild Entry and Editing
    3. Additional documents
    4. Pictures
  2. Classifying
    1. Categories & Tags
    2. Bild Types
    3. Workability, Implementability & Templates

About The Content

Main Content

A couple of guidelines about writing the Bilds, just common sense, but to be clear.

Language – Write in an international language if possible or in your language. Mark it with the name of the language as a Tag, for easier translation.

Detail, Style – Describe the idea or project in simple words and short sentences. As you would for a friend in your community. Usability is more important than esthaetics. Make sure you are practical, include some form of implementation steps.

Quanitity, length – Anything useful to your friend is useful to 1000s around the world, no matter the length or comlpexity. Simple, short Bilds can be as useful as complex projects. Write as much as you can, if it’s valuable it will be noticed, otherwise won’t bother anybody 🙂

Completeness – Independent from how long, try to be complete. Start with (a) why your solution is needed and tell everything you can that is needed to do it right. Soon, there will be templates for all Bild types.

Bild Entry and Editing  

Basic editing – In the main edit window you usually enter just your text with some titles and possibly some numbered or bulleted lists.

Images, pictures – Images are entered with the special button, and you can also adjust wrapping. Don’t spend too much time on it. It is important that you enter them where you see they can be useful.

Additional Documents 

MS Word Documents – MS Word documents can be entered as files and the editor will do its best to extract the text and basic styling.

Other text formats – Other text formats can be also copy/pasted with a mouse, it is quite possible it will work. This is important, so that searching works. It it doesn’t look perfect, no problem, you can attac your document in PDF as attachment

Attachments – The last resort is attaching document in other formats. Of course if this is spreadsheets and similar it is very beneficial they’re in their original format. It is helpful if you copy some key parts of text out of it to the text window for the search purpose. The better it gets found more good it will bring 🙂


There are two types of pictures in your Bild: the Featured Image and regular pictures inside the main content. The latter were mentioned above and are important specially if they support the instructions. 


The Featured image is however the title picture of your Bild and should be chosen with some care:

  • it gives the first important impression about your Bild
  • in combination with the title it conveys the emotion related to the Blid
  • if chosen well it draws reader’s attention as it stands out from the crowd

You want to be successful with your Bild in order to help. So, take some time to get the right image, you can use your own photo or take it from photo sites, like or

Classifying Content

After we created the description of an idea, how-to instructions or project, we need to equip it for classification so it gets properly presented and found. Since this is important part of creating a Bild you can find the explanations below which we would ask you to follow.

The Categories and Tags  

The website currently supports only three structures that help us organise the content: categories, tags and Bild types.
Categories are 11 predefined areas of community life and matters into which Bilds are classified. One Bild can fit into more than one category. So for a short how-to about a village cleanup, you can choose Environment and Recreation. The site editor will have to choose the primary one for now.
The categories are just a few and static so you can add some Tags in addition. You can freely enter them as you feel to better indicate the topics of the Bild, they’re like hash-tags. As you type them in, the system may propose some existing for you to choose.

The Bild Type 

The type of a Bild (or a non-yet-Bild) content is marked by selecting one of the types in the Category selection field. They’re grouped below the “Well-being” category.
Let’s look at the types from the most complex to the types of not-yet-Bilds in a way for you to know how to choose the right type. If your Bild does not fulfil the criteria at each of these forms, skip to the next.
Project with plan – your plan is detailing all activities, durations, people needed and especially costs. If not, it needs either finishing (tag it with “Bild-It”) and you can mark it with this category or it is a small project, how-to or idea.

Small project – contains concrete instructions, explanations and implementation steps that make it implementable.  Please, write down these steps. We will provide some templates in future, for now, use this:

  1. Preparation – what is needed before you start
    1. Finding out if some conditions are met
    2. If you need some people to support you or work with you
    3. getting the tools and materials
    4. Ideal time and season and planning upfront
  2.  Execution – write all the steps 
  3. Special tips and warnings
    1. Especially how to finish
Business Case – is a complex description of a successfully completed or a potential project. It contains good explanations and financial calculations but it is still just a description, a presentation of such a project and not an implementable plan. It is however a good basis for an experienced implementor to develop it into a plan and then we have the best Bild!

Use Case – is a shorter description than a business case, usually missing the financial presentation, so less content. However, it can again be developed into a perfect Bild.

Idea, Challenge, Article – are more or less self-explanatory, a Challenge being just a request for a solution.

Workability, Implementability & Templates

We are at the beginning but we believe the main value of is the ability for users to take a Bild and go implement it. So, having everything written to the level where a reader can feel confident it is doable and has the first actions defined. On the Internet, there is very little information like that.

We have to put in some effort and acquire some practice to create Bilds. Soon, we will publish templates for creation of implementation plans and even financial plans. Nothing too complex, just right, for other Bilders!

For now, try to imagine what would you need to tell or write down for your neighbour to enable him to do it.

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