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Rebuilding Communities by Exchanging Project Ideas

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Small local communities will have to recover and rebuild themselves after this crisis, as they always do. Challenges will be very local and will need practical solutions which Internet, oddly, does not provide.

ReBild.life is a non-profit platform that supports active members of local communities who want to participate in the rebuilding process with practical and usually simple solutions – called “Bilds”.

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What ReBild.life brings
to members of local communities

Workable Solutions

Local leaders find and use working solutions - Bilds from other local communities and implement them locally.

Connected Community

Users connect with authors of Bilds and receive support and news about all solutions and ideas from the author's community.

Helping the World

Users can author and share their projects via the most effective channel to help 100s communities all over the world.

Categories of Challenges Addressed




Why the ReBild platform?

Some good things came with the crisis, too. Among others also the sense of community and the desire to help each other during these difficult times. If you have experience from your career which you know should be somehow helpful, you wonder where and in what form it could be applied. 

When looking at local communities responding to current circumstances becoming the new normal we found that It is surprisingly difficult for them to find practical solutions, particularly, how to stay connected and to rebuild their life. Neither the government nor the Internet almighty can be of any significant help with the new challenges to come. Especially the Internet, being full of articles, ideas and stories, disappoints with almost none of them being directly applicable in real-life. 

So, we started to envision a platform where anyone can share their knowledge coming from locally implemented projects, described in an actionable way and make it globally available for other committed members to implement. 

But, this is a platform, so it depends on all of us, the proactive leaders from all over the world, to make it a reality. We estimate, that if each of us enters one Bild, this will fly, and fly high. If it takes you 1 hour and this creates the biggest platform empowering local communities to ReBild themselves, we count on you finding it worth the time.

How Should It All Work?

Local Communities

ReBild.life wants to help smaller communities like small towns, suburban and rural municipalities or similar. They tend not to be covered by large city/state projects and depend on themselves more. Their projects are simple, not well financed and usually led by non-experts. Workable Bilds are for them.


ReBild Members are people that are proactive and possibly already leading initiatives in their local communities that enrol to the platform. More than the formal position or education, it is their leadership attitude and passion for making practical improvements in the communities that is valued and needed.

The “Bilds”

Bilds are pieces of documented knowledge, from simple ideas to complete projects, that are available to users – for free. Bilds are prepared and made available by other members and can be of different types and related to different areas of community activities, called categories.


ReBild Partners are usually organisations that add value to the platform’s mission – non-profits, donors, sponsors, technology and services providers which can provide non-profit offerings to ReBild.life community.

Types of


How-to … 
is a short document that explains a useful solution to a known problem. This is the simplest Bild type, deserving the name as it is practical and executable by regular members.

Use Case … are a bit more complex descriptions of a solution that was implemented in a community, explaining the reasons for the challenge and which capabilities have been implemented to solve it. It should contain the actionable implementation steps, but it has no exact financial data.

Business Case … is similar as an use case, contains challenge, reasons and the solution. The limited list of implementation steps is accompanied with a solid information about costs and expected or even achieved benefits. They often are of social nature but can be translated in financial estimates. 

Project with Plan … the ultimate Bild is a complete project that:
– is an advanced solution with significant effect for the community,
– has a detailed implementation plan with required amounts of work,
– a required number of participants with roles described and 
– a solid financial plan with reliable cost estimates.

Idea – is a Bild to become, a starting idea by somebody who couldn’t develop it. It is waiting for people to complete it with practical steps and instructions.
Challenge – In order for people to ask for solutions we created this non-Bild type that however, should give a start to a Bild. 
Article – the least of a Bild, but hopefully can invite creative people to think of a practical solution for their community and share it as a Bild to other Bilders 🙂  Yes, this is who we are!

ReBild.life's Progress vs. Target

in order for you to validate the initiative and allow us to continue
Target: 50 registered members and 30 qualified Bilds
Registered Members
6/50 12%
Qualified Bilds
5/30 17%

How YOU can participate


Believe in ReBild.life
and spread the word!

The Leadership Team

  • Blaž MerteljKnowledge is a rare good
    that grows when shared.

    After a career in corporations and own international consultancy for scaling of innovative technology companies, Blaž became more active in his local community on the three borders in Kranjska Gora The idea of ReBild.life was born as a fusion of passions for the local community development, technology and international business.
  • Matjaž Wiegele
    Don't reinvent the wheel, become a Bilder!
    As a business consultant Matjaž brings new solutions to improve business results on global scale projects in the private and public sectors. Being active in the Slovenian Alpine Association he gets an understanding of how can non-profit organizations improve the life of local societies and influence people towards common goals using actionable knowledge.
  • Strahinja TirnanićFor our community what I did? 
    For all of them, I made a Bild!

      His entrepreneurial path launches him globally in the early stage. That path connected him with the rest of this great team to work on a few successful projects. Strahinja is active in his community, City of Kragujevac. and many others as a leader who is responsible for youth and projects for employability and employment.

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